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New Pornographers Share “Dancehall Domine” Video

The New Pornographers have shared a new video for “Dancehall Domine”, from their recent album Brill Bruisers. The video was made by Leblanc + Cudmore, and shows the band performing in a handful of settings, from psychedelic soundstages to black-and-white talk shows. At one point, the viewer is prompted to put on 3-D glasses. Of the video, Scott Cudmore said:

Sometimes I like watching the b-roll or behind the scenes or outtakes on DVDs and blu-rays…”Dancehall Domine” is meant to feel like a whole bunch of those clips sort of strung together as if they’re taken from some fucked up Italian or French musical maybe. Or a bunch of fragments from films like that—thrillers, bad romances, in one case we’re clearly referencing Clouzot’s famous L’enfer tests. We even have the man himself in there!