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Fugazi’s First Demo to Be Released

Fugazi released their first EP in 1988. But, earlier that year, the band passed around its first demo cassette, which will be officially reissued this winter, as Dischord’s website notes. First Demo was recorded at Inner Ear Studio after Fugazi had only played 10 shows, according to Dischord.

The LP/CD/MP3 reissue will feature the 10 tracks from the original demo tape–including “In Defense of Humans”, which was released on 1989’s State of the Union comp—as well as an additional track from the session, “Turn Off Your Guns”.

According to the Dischord website, the release of First Demo also marks the end of the first phase of the Fugazi Live Series. The project has documented all of Fugazi 1,000+ performances since it launched in 2011.