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Tommy Ramone, the last original Ramone, dies aged 62

Tommy Ramone, the last remaining original member of the New York punk band Ramones, has died of cancer at the age of 62 at his home in NYC.

The manager-turned-drummer, and then producer of the band, was a Hungarian immigrant, born Erdélyi Tamás in Budapest, who came to the US in 1957.

Heavily influenced by 60s girl groups and the New York Dolls, Ramones formed in 1974, and were the first band from the underground punk scene in New York to make an album. Ramones, legend has it, was recorded in six days and cost $6,400 to make. It saw the first outing of their signature “1-2-3-4” introduction yelled out at the start of each song.

Tommy Ramone played on the band’s first three albums, co-producing two of them, before leaving in 1978, ostensibly because he was exhausted by the constant touring but later admitting that he had quit in reaction to being “physically threatened by Johnny, treated with contempt by Dee Dee, and all but ignored by Joey”.

He was replaced by Marky, who was fired for alcoholism in 1983, to be replaced by Richie – both men are still alive.

Tommy kept his links with the Ramones, co-producing further albums, before starting an acoustic band called Uncle Monk with his partner Claudia Tienan, playing bluegrass music. It left him “baffled”, he said, that the original Ramones all fell out in later years. “We were like brothers,” he said.