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Beck – “Heart Is A Drum” Video

Today, Beck releases the guest-heavy recorded version of Song Reader, his sheet-music album. That’s the second LP Beck has followed this year, following the elegantly bummed comeback album Morning Phase. And one of the many beautifully downcast songs on that album, “Heart Is A Drum,” now has a video from music-video hall-of-famer Sophie Muller. In the elegiac black-and-white clip, we see Beck haunted by images of his past, most of which take the form of characters from Beck’s iconic 20-year-old “Loser” video: The skull-faced grim reaper, the two astronauts, Beck’s own breakdancing and thrift-besuited 1994 self. Beck also comes face-to-face with his own childhood self. It’s a movingly, if cryptically, lyrical video, and you can watch it below.