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Pixies – Indie Cindy: Exclusive album stream

You could say it’s been a while since Pixies last put out an album: it was way back in 1991 that the Boston band released Trompe le Monde, after all. Since then, the group’s reputation has grown, transforming Pixies from cult heroes to one of the most admired alternative rock bands in the world.

It would be impossible for the band to release new material without being weighed down by some degree of expectation. If this had been released a year after their last album, it would have fit perfectly adequately into Pixies’ discography. What Goes Boom is a properly thrilling opener, possessing one of those sinister riffs Black Francis used to turn out at will; it’s followed by Greens and Blues, in which the patented stately-acoustic-guitar-overlaid-with-spectral-electric-lead-line Pixies trick is deployed effectively.

So what do you think? Does it stand up to the band’s previous work? Or is it a disappointment compared to such monumental works as Surfer Rosa and Doolittle?

You can pre-order the album here