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Broken Bells: And I Love Her

Danger Mouse first earned the limelight sampling the Beatles, but never — until now — has he broken out a cover/remix live onstage. Enter the Ed Sullivan Theater, Broken Bells bandmate James Mercer, and the 50th anniversary of 1964′s fab 4 U.S. invasion. One part where his Grey Album cut deep was in restraint: not mashing up legendary recordings, but dressing up the new set with timeless flourishes. This week’s take on “And I Love Her” leans lightly on (Ringo’s) recorded source material, while leaning near-completely on the songwriting itself, folding the 1964 tune into a sparse groove familiar to the duo’s pair of LPs. To my surprise it’s moving, and the old TV set/”I Am the Walrus” sample work well, too. Watch above.