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Mike D in a recent interview:
“Now I’m going to sound like a name-dropping asshole, but it all came about thanks to the director and my friend and longtime associate, Spike Jonze,” Diamond explains to Rolling Stone via cell phone as he drives home in Los Angeles after dropping his kids off at basketball camp. “Spike vouched for [Kenzo co-head designer Humberto Leon]. I was a little apprehensive. It might shock you, but I haven’t been to that many fashion shows, and I’d never done a commissioned piece for a fashion house. In my own naïveté I expected I’d be talking to, like, Will Ferrell’s character in Zoolander, which turned out not to be the case at all with Humberto. The show itself, meanwhile, turned out to be a full-on theatrical experience held in a circus school in the outskirts of Paris – to come back to Zoolander, it wasn’t just dudes walking down a runway in a tent. It was the type of artful shit you never get to do in New York, where fashion shows are all about just money.”