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!!!- Thr!!!er (Album Review)

By now, early-’80s revivals are beginning to sound very early-2000s, which is when this sextet (pronounced “Chik Chik Chik”) first broke out of California with its jittery and aggressive “punk disco,” as it was often called. Luckily, album five is both lighter and tighter than purported classics such as the 2003 EP, “Me and Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story).” Much credit goes to Spoon’s ace drummer Jim Eno, who produced seven of the disc’s nine tracks. He not only aerated the mix, but also reportedly pushed the band toward cooler key changes and more varied hooks. There are a couple of strutting blues-rock winners, a couple affected synth-rock stinkers, but most of the rest, like the infections “One Girl/One Boy,” flash new-wavy funk moves reminiscent of late Chic, early Prince, and prime Rick James. Also throw a bone to these old dogs for lyrics that show they opened their hearts as much as their ears as they learned their new tricks.