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Iggy has his rock-hard abs. Henry Rollins has his opinions on everything. Shane MacGowan has his teeth. In what may be the most telling sing ‘o the times, the Pogues frontman is looking for a dentist to fix his infamous chompers. Girlfriend Victoria Mary Clarke asked tweeted that MacGowan wants someone who’s up to the challenge; with MacGowan offering free advertising to anyone who can pull it off. Via Brooklyn Vegan:

According to a tweet by the girlfriend of the legendary Pogues vocalist with one of the most unintelligible accents this side of Mark E Smith, Shane MacGowan is currently looking for new dentist to help shape up his mangled mouth of snaggleteeth “so he can star in Hollywood film.” Interested dentists can apply by responding on twitter, with word that “Shane promises to do advertising campaign for the winning dentist” if chosen. You have your work cut out for you, whoever you are. McGowan’s choppers are legendary, and onetime tourmate Mojo Nixon once wrote a song about his dentist who may or may not have existed at the time.