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Loop Reunite For Final ATP Festival

loop atp
Legendary UK psych group, Loop have reunited and are planning live appearances this year and next, mainman Robert Hampson has confirmed.

The lineup, including John Wills, Neil Mackay and Scott Dowson, will curate the last-ever All Tomorrow’s Parties festival at the end of November, where they’ll play live. The band hope to put their legacy to rest properly, after never having felt comfortable with the way they split up in 1991.

Hampson says: “It was a long time ago and it didn’t really finish that well. I’m not sure anyone of us can really put our fingers on specific reasons, But after many many years of being asked why not play again, I can’t seem to find any excuses any more.

I have never really slept well over the demise of Loop – it always felt unfinished. I’m so proud to say that John, Neil, Scott and myself have agreed to perform a limited number of shows from late 2013 to mid 2014 at various venues across the world.

“Then we can put it finally to rest with a better feeling of completion. I sincerely hope it maybe refreshing to us and to others.”

The successful run of ATP festivals will come to an end at Pontins Holiday Camp, Camber Sands, Essex, after being launched in 1999.

Hampson says: “ATP is the only place this could happen and be done well. Who else would offer the chance not only to play but also curate some of the bands alongside Loop on the day? It’s quite special to be able to do this and make it happen.”

Loop’s 1989 album Fade Out will be re-released on June 10, with 1990′s A Gilded Eternity due on August 19. Their debut, Heaven’s End, is already available and The World In Your Eyes is planned for 2014.