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While the notion of a CBGB movie might be scary enough, the newly-released poster is the thing that really has us gripped with fear. The vibe kind of reminds us of Empire Records crossed with say, The Big Bang Theory. It’s just too quirky for words and what’s more punk than a charming comedy? Oi. Via The Village Voice:

If you’re the type of cynical punk asshole who thinks the movie about CBGB can’t be anything but terrible, well GOOD NEWS, the movie’s poster essentially proves you right.

Need some more harsh words about the project to feel better? Sure, no problem, via Crave Online:

Outside of getting actors (or non actors) to play iconic people, there’s the whole “why do we need this” aspect. Hasn’t enough been done to CBGB? Can’t we just leave it the fuck alone? That club has been fucked so much it might want to call a rape crisis center. Imagine being one of the central reasons the rich and entitled flocked down to the lower east side and then be run out of business because of taxes and the whole push to clean up the downtown area by those who moved down town to slum with the CBGB creative types in the first place.

Sorry, we got carried away. Do you even know what CBGB is? Apparently, it was some sort of famous club or something. We’re not too sure, but Twilight alum Ashley Greene seems to know exactly what she’s talking about.