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Earl Sweatshirt – “Whoa” Video (Feat. Tyler, The Creator) (Music Video)

Late last year, the recently returned and ferociously talented young Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt — who, let the record show, is still a teenager — gave us the introspective, endlessly compelling “Chum” and its stark, creeped-out video. But as Earl gleefully shows on “Whoa,” his new collab with old buddy Tyler, The Creator, he hasn’t pulled some complete aesthetic switchup. It’s the first recorded use of the phrase “that old fuckin’ 2010 shit,” and it’s a gallumphing and awkward Tyler synth beat with some fired up but densely compacted verbiage from Earl (“the misadventures of a shit-talker / Pissed as Rick Ross’s fifth sip off his sixth lager”). Tyler, under his Wolf Haley alias, also directed the track’s new video, which returns Earl to Odd Future’s antic junk-shop style, as he cuddles a top-heavy middle-aged ballerina and reclines in a stagnant trash-puddle at the bottom of an empty pool while someone skateboards all around him. Members of the extended Odd Future family, including Trash Talk, make cameos. Watch it below.