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As some of you may know, Dave Grohl is somewhat inexplicably filling in for Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately right now. Last night, one of his guests was Elton John. The pair admitted that this wasn’t their first time hanging out in recent months, as Elton makes a guest appearance on the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age album. Via NME:

Revealing details of the recording session, Elton added: “I was in Vegas and I flew back to LA and Engelbert Humperdinck had written me a very sweet letter and asked me to sing a duet with him. He is part of my history and I couldn’t say no so I went and recorded a song with him. Then I drove three blocks and went from Engelbert to Queens Of The Stone Age, which was a bit of a mindfuck.”

Grohl, interjecting, said: “I remember you (Elton) walking in and him being, like, (lethargically) ‘Have you got a ballad for me?’ and we were just like, ‘no, we do not have a ballad for you.’” Talking specifically about recording the song, Elton added: “After three hours we got it and he (Grohl) drummed on every take and every take was amazing. He’s built like a brick shithouse when he drums.”

This is pretty cool, although it would have been cooler if Elton brought Engelbert along so both of them could do a guest spot on the Queens album. That would have blown minds.