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Hip hop is slowly, but surely getting back on its feet. There’s Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, and of course, those Odd Future misfits to keep it entertaining, while pushing the music forward. However, nothing will compare to the warm samples and off-kilter rhythms of J Dilla. Thankfully, Delicous Vinyl will be releasing new unreleased material dubbed The Lost Scrolls by J Dilla Music Catalogue Curator Frank Nitt. Via Official J Dilla:

“Dilla was my closest childhood friend,” says Frank Nitt. “I went with him out to L.A. that first time in 1996. I met [Delicious Vinyl founder] Mike Ross then and saw he was giving Dilla the opportunity to gethis beats out. Fast forward thirteen years, after Dilla passed, Illa J makes Yancey Boys, and again I go out to L.A. to help with promotion. Mike Ross asked to hear what I was doing, and Delicious Vinyl wound up releasing my Jewels In My Backpack EP. So Delicious Vinyl goes back with Dilla to the beginning, and has always been part of furthering his legacy properly. We’re doing doing this with Delicious Vinyl with the total approval of [Dilla’s mother] Ma Dukes, who’s known and trusted Mike from way back.”

Check out Part 1 of Stussy’s documentary on J Dilla below.