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The BBC celebrated its 90th anniversary by broadcasting a composition by Blur’s Damon Albarn called “2LO Calling.” (2LO was the name of the transmitter that broadcast the Beeb’s first signals back in 1922.) Via BBC:

2LO Calling began with the chimes of Big Ben and featured the first ever broadcast from the 2LO transmitter and the number one song at the time – Three O’Clock in the Morning.

The three-minute piece also featured messages from listeners around the world along with the sound of the blackbird and skylark, commentary from the Cameroon election and the ubiquitous BBC pips.

“There is a special musicality to some of the vocal messages, which I tried to preserve,” Albarn told the BBC earlier.

“Added to that, I got to do what I’ve always wanted – to play along with the pips.”

“2LO Calling” was broadcast simultaneously on all of the BBC‘s domestic and foreign radio stations, and had an estimated potential audience of 80 million listeners.