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The Smiths to reform in 2013?

From the gossip site holy moly:

We’ve now heard from several credible sources that The Smiths have agreed to reform in 2013 for four UK shows. And despite such rumours turning out to be total balls in the past, this one has enough weight to it that we’re prepared to call it confirmed, and hang the consequences.

What we learned before we stopped watching The Newsroom was that you have two sources before you run with a news story. And we’ve got more than that, so…

What we’re hearing is…. The Smiths will reform in 2013.

It’s a done deal.
Dates are booked.

Glastonbury is one of four dates, presumably the Saturday on the Pyramid stage.

However, we have conflicting reports on who exactly is reuniting.

One report says it’s all four. Another says it’s only three (which would mean Mike Joyce still hasn’t been forgiven).

To add even more intrigue, let’s not forget that Coachella Festival promised to go 100% vegetarian next year, in an effort to attract a Smiths reunion. Morrissey himself made the following withering comment about the offer: “Fascinatingly they made it clear that they would ‘not require’ the Smiths’ bass player or drummer… which I thought certainly said something.”

The same festival dangled several million dollars in front of those other dysfunctional 80s indie legends the Cocteau Twins, only to have Liz Fraser pull out of the reunion a month before. So we know they’ve got the cash and the inclination.

And that’s all we know. What we think is that this all makes complete sense. Despite turning down $75 million for a Morrissey/Marr world tour in 2007, that was before Steps The Stone Roses had reformed. And wouldn’t it please Steven immensely to overshadow their third coming by doing the one thing he always said he wouldn’t do? There’d not be a bigger story in music. In 2013, a Smiths reunion would feel like Mozzer’s last laugh, rather than a reheating of past meat-free glories.

And there are few things more guaranteed to get everyone to stop calling you an arsehole than reforming the band everyone likes (it worked for Mike Love. For a bit).

Our guess is they’ll do V Festival too, as they pay the most (Glastonbury pays relatively little) and Morrissey played there in 2006 and 2011. And some kind of secret gig in Salford would probably be appropriate.