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The legacy of famed BBC Radio 1 DJ, John Peel, is being brought into question after allegations of Peel impregnating a 15-year old girl after a three-month affair, which began after a Black Sabbath in the summer of 1969, have surfaced. There has been much commotion over the conduct of BBC DJs since a documentary focusing on the late Jimmy Savile accused him of sexual misconduct throughout his career. Now, allegations against Peel are being investigated. Via Fact:

“He must have known I was still at school. But he didn’t ask and I didn’t tell him”, claims Nevin. “At the time I was just so happy to be on his arm. I was young and he was famous. All I cared about was that I could make all my school friends jealous. I was insecure and impressionable. I suppose I used him for his fame and he used me for sex.”

The claims are causing the BBC to reconsider honoring Peel with a new tribute wing. Via The Guardian:

A BBC spokesman said: “Clearly, in the event of proven allegations of sexual abuse the BBC would re-consider its decision on the naming of part of our new building.”

Earlier this year the corporation announced that a section of the newly refurbished BBC Broadcasting House in central London would be called the John Peel Wing in tribute to the former Radio 1 presenter, who died in 2004.