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To mark the ninth anniversary of singer/songwriter Elliott Smith’s death, a group known as the Punk Rock Marthas staged a benefit and gave the mural a much-needed face lift after years of vandalism, including Roger Waters’ poster campaigns, left it decrepit. The mural famously appeared on the cover of Smith’s 2000 album, Figure 8. Via Spin:

Acknowledging no restoration of the mural could be permanent, the Punk Rock Marthas embraced temporariness in their choice of tools. Rather than simply repaint the mural, they incorporate recycled paper. For the red part of the mural, they hand-wrote every line from every song on a Smith album; for the black, they used maps, album covers, and other Smith-related items, plus 1,000 paper cranes for black; and for the white, they posed a sampling of fan messages.

“Angeles” by Elliott Smith.