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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The most twisted, chilling, haunting, and down right creepy quotes ever be uttered in a horror film…

Broadcast’s Soundtrack for Horror Film to Be Released; Listen to a Track Now

Prior to Broadcast singer Trish Keenan’s death in January 2011, the band composed an original soundtrack for the recent Warp-produced film Berberian Sound Studio, which will get its own vinyl, CD, and digital release by the label on January 7 in the UK and January 8 in the U.S. Preview a cut from the score, “The Equestrian Vortex”, above.

Berberian Sound Studio, directed by Peter Strickland, is a psychologically complex film-within-a-film that pays homage to 1970s Italian horror. Toby Jones (The Hunger Games, Captain America) plays a sound engineer with a “slowly degenerating mental state” who creates sound for a low-budget horror film, recording “bloodcurdling screams” and “limbs being severed.” Broadcast’s James Cargill wove bits of sound from the film back into the soundtrack.

As mentioned last year, Cargill is also at work on a new Broadcast album using vocal recordings Keenan left behind..

Check out the trailer, after the tracklisting.

Berberian Sound Studio:

01 A Breeze Through the Burford Spur
02 The Equestrian Vortex
03 Beautiful Hair
04 Malleus Maleficarum
05 Mark of the Devil
06 Confession Modulation
07 Monica’s Fall
08 Teresa’s Song (Sorrow)
09 The North Downs Dimension
10 Collatina Is Coming
11 Such Tender Things
12 Teresa, Lark of Ascension
13 Monica’s Burial (Under the Junipers)
14 Found Scalded, Found Drowned
15 Monica (Her Parents Have Been Informed)
16 The Fifth Claw
17 Saducismus Triumphatus
18 The Gallops
19 They’re Here, They’re Under Us
20 Collatina, Mark of Damnation
21 Treatise
22 A Goblin
23 The Equestrian Library
24 The Serpent’s Semen
25 Burnt at the Stake
26 All Chiffchaffs
27 The Curfew After the Massacre
28 Poultry in Mind
29 The Sacred Marriage
30 Valeria’s Burial (Under the Fort)
31 Edda’s Burial (Under the Clumps)
32 The Game’s Up
33 It Must’ve Been the Magpies
34 The Dormitory Window
35 Anima di Cristo
36 His World Is My Shed
37 Collatina’s Folly
38 Here Comes the Sabbath, There Goes the Cross
39 Our Darkest Sabbath


Cat Power’s list of problems just keeps getting longer and longer. The singer has been struggling with angioedema, a tissue disorder, and has had to declare bankruptcy. As a result, she’s considering canceling her upcoming European tour while she gets her shit together. Via Contact Music:

“Heart broken. Worked so hard. Got sick day after (latest album) Sun came out and been struggling to keep all points of me in equilibrium: mind, spirit, body healthy, centered (sic) and grounded. I am doing the best I can. I f**king love this planet. I refuse to give up. Though I may need to restrategise for my security and health.”

Best of luck, Chan. Hope things get better..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Psychedelic Pill (Album Review)

The signature Crazy Horse move is The Huddle. No matter how big the stage, Neil Young, Billy Talbot, and Frank “Poncho” Sampedro will inevitably find themselves tightly packed in front of Ralph Molina’s drums, bobbing and flailing in such close proximity that it’s a miracle they never crack guitar necks. It’s an aggressively insular move for a band playing to thousands, an unambiguous signal that the feedback storm they are conjuring is often more about them than us.

That self indulgence is the beating heart of each time Young deigns to bring the Horse back out of the barn, even as the decision excites his fanbase like no other. To the point, the latest Crazy Horse reunion was announced with the leak of an instrumental jam on the chords to “Fuckin’ Up” and “Cortez the Killer” that ran over 37 minutes. Then there was the first official leg of the comeback: Americana, where Young fed old-as-dirt traditionals such as “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” into the Crazy Horse engine, followed by an arena tour that filled nearly half the setlist with unreleased material..

But Psychedelic Pill might be the most accurate studio portrayal of The Huddle yet. Three songs gallop past the 15-minute mark, and the opener “Driftin’ Back” approaches a half hour, quickly weeding out the faint of heart. They are the three longest songs ever released by Young (if you don’t count Arc) and they feel like it. “Driftin’ Back”, in particular, is nearly trance-inducing as it locks onto the same chord progression, interrupted only occasionally by mini-rants about hip-hop haircuts and mp3 sound quality..

Yet other than these marathon challenges, playing with Crazy Horse is playing it safe for Young: You know exactly what you’re going to get, and there are none of the pleasant surprises of 2010’s excellent loop-dabbling Le Noise. One song, “She’s Always Dancing”, even sounds like the band just took an instrumental rehearsal of “Like a Hurricane” and added a new vocal track over the top– which is good enough to make it the second best jam on the record. “Ramada Inn” is paint-by-numbers Crazy Horse, indistinguishable from any of their late-period outings beyond its refusal to end.
It will also surprise no Neil Young fan that most of the songs here are about aging, continuing a roughly 50-year streak of obsessing over getting old. So much of Psychedelic Pill is Young looking back, from the long-married couple of “Ramada Inn” to the classic rock name-dropping of “Twisted Road”. He even reminisces his way back to the cradle, with “Born in Ontario”, a brief country-rocker that’s a welcome breath-catcher, even though it bears a giant hole in the shape of deceased longtime collaborator and auxiliary Horseman Ben Keith’s slide guitar.

But Neil’s particular flavor of nostalgia has always been a little on the sour side. When he references the Woodstock Generation, he tends to do it with a scowl, angry about the failure of the hippie dream even as he still clings to its promise. Psychedelic Pill suggests a softening of that harsh stance, particularly on the saccharine “Twisted Road” with its irony-free shout-outs to Dylan and the Dead and the distracting “trippy” effects that ruin the title track.

Thankfully, the album’s final epic, “Walk Like a Giant”, scrawls a jagged line through that cuddly history with a single chord change, coming immediately after an immensely dopey verse about how Neil and his friends were gonna save the world. In fact, “Walk Like a Giant”, is easily the best studio Crazy Horse performance since Ragged Glory. Once again, the formula is unchanged– it even swipes pretty heavily from the “Hey Hey My My” riff– but between the verses the Horse is whipped until it foams at the mouth. Everything great about Neil Young, electric guitarist, is on full display, his singular tone veering from feral growls and feedback to blistering fury while the other three egg him on with subtle, perennially underrated counterpoint.

Despite the patience required to get there, the track underlines the greatest trick of Neil Young’s long career: that his most self-indulgent mode can also be his most crowd-pleasing. At this point, the “these old guys still know how to rock!” angle for Crazy Horse is itself old enough to collect Social Security. But there’s enough life and fuck-you attitude left in Psychedelic Pill to remind a listener that “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” wasn’t necessarily about dying young, so long as you avoided phoning it in. If circling the wagons is what it takes to keep Neil Young’s fire raging, then just be happy he lets us pay to watch..


For decades, referring to an interfering spouse as a “Yoko” has been commonplace, but the time may have finally come to drop it from the pop culture lexicon. Paul McCartney says that Yoko Ono didn’t break up the Beatles in an upcoming interview with David Frost. Via Rolling Stone:

“She certainly didn’t break the group up,” McCartney says, countering the commonly held belief that Ono caused the Beatles’ dissolution. “I don’t think you can blame her for anything,” McCartney says, adding that Lennon was “definitely going to.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Walkmen Announce Tour With Father John Misty

The Walkmen will continue touring in support of their 2012 record Heaven next year, taking ex-Fleet Foxes drummer Father John Misty along for a January trek through North America. Misty released his own Fear Fun LP this spring.

Earier this month, the Walkmen also announced a new 7″ single, “Dance With Your Partner” b/w “Vermeer ’65”, out November 6 via Fat Possum.

Full tour schedule

10-29 Dublin, Ireland – Vicar Street ^
10-30 Manchester, England – HMV Manchester Ritz ^
10-31 London, England – Rough Trade East
11-01 London, England – HMV Forum ^
11-02 Paris, France – Pitchfork Music Festival Paris
11-03 Amsterdam, Holland – Paradiso
11-04 Lisbon, Portugal – Coliseu dos Recreios
11-07 Barcelona, Spain – Bikini
11-08 Madrid, Spain – Arena
11-24 Santiago, Chile – Primavera Fauna
01-11 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
01-15 Montreal, Quebec – Corona Theater %
01-16 Toronto, Ontario – Danforth Theatre %
01-17 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall %
01-18 Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre %
01-19 Madison, WI – Capitol Theatre %
01-21 Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre %
01-24 San Francisco, CA – Fillmore %
01-26 Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre %
01-27 Seattle, WA – Neptune Theater %
01-28 Vancouver, British Columbia – Commodore Ballroom %

^ with Wild Nothing
% with Father John Misty

Watch Death From Above 1979 Play First New Songs Since 2004

“Song CPR” is how Death From Above 1979 described their current Canadian tour when they announced it last month. They are resuscitating a batch of brand new songs– their first since 2004’s You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. Last night, they kicked off the tour in Hamilton, Ontario, and Consequence of Sound has rounded up footage of performances of a few new tracks…

Friday, October 26, 2012


Interpol frontman Paul Banks gets in touch with his inner child in the new video for his latest solo venture Banks.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Former Girls Frontman Christopher Owens Announces Solo Debut, Hear Two Tracks Now

Christopher Owens: “Lysandre’s Theme” / “Here We Go” (via SoundCloud)

Just a few months after Christopher Owens announced he’d leave his own band, Girls, the singer-songwriter has confirmed details of his debut solo LP. Out January 15 in the U.S. and January 14 in the UK, and titled Lysandre, the record will be released via Fat Possum/Turnstile.

Check out the first two cuts, “Lysandre’s Theme” and “Here We Go” above, via Owens’ website.

The record takes on the narrative of “a coming of age story, a road trip, a love story,” according to a press release, following Owens from San Francisco to New York to France, where he falls in love with a girl named Lysandre. That’s the cover art, above, shot by Ryan McGinley..

The record features Owens on guitars/vocals as well as Evan Weiss (guitar), Matthew Kallman (keyboard), Vince Meghrouni (saxophone/flute), David Sutton (bass), Seth Kasper (drums), Hannah Hunt (vocals) and Cally Robertson (vocals). It was recorded with Doug Boehm, who has worked with Girls..

After the tracklisting, watch Chris Owens perform several Lysandre cuts at Matador’s 21st anniversary celebration in Las Vegas in 2010. (The first seems to be “A Broken Heart”, but that’s unconfirmed.)

01 Lysandre’s Theme
02 Here We Go
03 New York City
04 A Broken Heart
05 Here We Go Again
06 Riviera Rock
07 Love Is in the Ear of the Listener
08 Lysandre
09 Everywhere You Knew
10 Closing Theme
11 Part of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)


Smiths and Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr has announced that he will join Dinosaur, Jr. on stage for a special performance in New York this December. Via NME:

On December 1, Dinosaur Jr. will celebrate the 25th anniversary of “You’re Living All Over Me” at Terminal 5 in New York City. The band will play the album in its entirety followed by a second set spanning their catalogue with very special musical guests joining them onstage. We’re excited to announce the first of these special guests: Johnny Marr, known for his work in The Smiths, Modest Mouse & The Cribs. Marr will sit in with Dinosaur Jr. for a song or two, and we’re thrilled he’ll be celebrating with us. More special guests to be announced.

This is what we love about Johnny Marr. In addition to being a rock genius, the man continues to throw himself into new projects at almost 50 years-old. Not only that, but they’re almost always good. He should run a seminar for other rock stars on how to age gracefully..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinback: Information Retrieved (Album Review)

Information Retrieved is the sort of album you want to listen to with headphones on, so as to make sure not to miss a single pluck of the guitar string or tap of the snare drum. In the five years since 2007’s Autumn of the Seraphs, California duo Zach Smith and Rob Crow have developed a tightly controlled, almost minimalist collection of songs that remains singularly Pinback while sounding unlike much of their previous work.

Whereas Seraphs found Pinback often moving through their math-rock motions at a moderate clip and even playing with punky energy on tracks like “From Nothing to Nowhere,” Information Retrieved is in no hurry. Tracks like “A Request” and “Sherman” seem almost to mosey out of the speakers rather like a spring bubbles up from underground—“of itself so,” as the late philosopher Alan Watts might say.

Information Retrieved’s arrangements are stripped down, especially by Pinback’s standards. As a result, listener’s ears are drawn into a fuller awareness of, say, Smith’s bass-playing on “His Phase,” which seems to both drive the beat forward and glide the melody along at the same time. But slow-and-steady songs like “Diminished,” with its twinge of ’70s folk in the vocals, are balanced by the toned-down power-pop of opener “Proceed to Memory” and album closers “Denslow, You Idiot!,” with its vintage frenzy of guitar picking and clipped drumming, and “Sediment,” which may be as close as the duo will ever get to arena rock..

From start to finish, Information Retrieved sounds confident and deliberate, a consummate release from two deft musicians who’ve made every note count.


To mark the ninth anniversary of singer/songwriter Elliott Smith’s death, a group known as the Punk Rock Marthas staged a benefit and gave the mural a much-needed face lift after years of vandalism, including Roger Waters’ poster campaigns, left it decrepit. The mural famously appeared on the cover of Smith’s 2000 album, Figure 8. Via Spin:

Acknowledging no restoration of the mural could be permanent, the Punk Rock Marthas embraced temporariness in their choice of tools. Rather than simply repaint the mural, they incorporate recycled paper. For the red part of the mural, they hand-wrote every line from every song on a Smith album; for the black, they used maps, album covers, and other Smith-related items, plus 1,000 paper cranes for black; and for the white, they posed a sampling of fan messages.

“Angeles” by Elliott Smith.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Mick Jagger will be co-producing a biopic on James Brown with Brian Grazer. The Help‘s Tate Taylor is is talks to direct, according to Deadline. Jagger is thrilled to be joining Grazer on his passion project, which also involved the late Brown before his death in 2006. Via Rolling Stone:

“It’s a great honor to be involved with a project as rich as the story of the legendary James Brown,” said Jagger. “He was a mesmerizing performer with a fascinating life.”

Brown’s widow, Tommie Rae Brown, can’t imagine two better people to be heading the project…

“I am deeply honored that Mick Jagger and Brian Grazer, two of my husband James Brown’s favorite people, have entered into a partnership to bring his inspirational story to the big screen,” she said.

Watch RZA Battle the Black Keys in the Video for Their Collaborative Man With the Iron Fists Track

The soundtrack to RZA’s directorial debut, The Man With the Iron Fists, is out tomorrow. It features a collaboration between RZA with the Black Keys called “The Baddest Man Alive”, which now has an action-packed video directed by Chris Marrs Piliero. It stars both RZA and the Black Keys, who battle in an Asian restaurant..

RZA slaps Dan Auerbach in the face with a dead fish, tears a guy’s arm off, and rips a woman’s blouse off– right before he raps about how The Baddest Man Alive will “date rape beauty right in front of the beast.”

Monday, October 22, 2012


Gene Simmons has claimed to The Sun that he was offered $200 million to reunite Led Zeppelin. We don’t believe you, Gene…. (via NME)

“In 2009/10 I was given a few hundred million dollars in an account by a large concert promoter and given the task of reaching out to Jimmy and Robert and trying to convince them to get back together.

“Of course, it didn’t work. Robert just doesn’t want to do it.”