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On July 4th, 1999, a Ryder truck containing Sonic Youth’s priceless touring gear was stolen in Orange County, CA. The truck was found a few days later, but it’s uniquely modified contents were gone, which would be the end of the story if Sonic Youth didn’t have the most loyal fans on the planet. Due to the commitment of their fans and key details that make the guitars distinguishable, two of those guitars stolen 13 years ago have been recovered. Via Pitchfork:

But over the years, some fans have remained on the lookout, tipping the band off whenever a guitar for sale raises an eyebrow. This month, the sixth and seventh guitars to be recovered from the robbery both mysteriously reappeared within one week of each other. “It’s kind of wild,” Lee Ranaldo said. “After all this time, things are still surfacing thanks to the diligence of fans.”