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Trailer: The Rise And Fall Of The Clash

The Rise and Fall of the Clash just made its big-screen premiere — aptly enough, at the CBGB Festival — and now wider distribution of the punk pioneers’ new biography is imminent. While 1999′s Don Letts-directed Westway To The World remains the preeminent Clash doc to date (complete with interviews from Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Topper Headon and Joe Strummer), the project of longtime fan Danny Garcia purports to offer a fresh perspective into the band’s most tumultuous years. His film, which centers around an interview with ousted co-founder Mick Jones, was inspired by a 2007 memoir by Vince White (Jones’ first replacement), Out of Control: The Last Days of the Clash. From the look of things, both are a must-see for fans exploring the birth of punk rock as we know it. Check out the new film’s trailer above and Westway To The World, in its entirety, below: