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The new QOTSA album will not be named Ultraviolet Robot. It will see an early 2013 release, according to our source, followed by various kinds of onstage tomfoolery.

In an interview with the German publication Drumheads, Queens Of The Stone Age drummer Joey Castillo seems to have dropped a tentative title of the new QOTSA album, as well as news of the general release timeline.

When asked what direction new record goes, Castillo says that he’s not supposed to answer, but the “ultraviolet robot” will blow our minds. Does this mean that Ultraviolet Robot is the name of the album? If rumors from messageboard troll kings are to be believed, then this latest interview seems to indicate that truth can come from the dirtiest places.

We may see a Summer release for the follow-up to Era Vulgaris, though it’s not likely, given delays in the recording process due to the unexpected entrance into litigation land with the original Kyuss members. And according to Castillo, he’s reached a point with Queens where neither he or right-hand man Alain Johannes feel the need to prove anything to anyone anymore, so the “new album will sound like the early Queens sound again.”

Old, new, whatever the sound is, we’re on board with lava in our veins. If you’re looking for a reason why, here’s where the band left off: