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Beach House, ‘Myth’: New Song Finds Duo Sounding Strong

Last month, it was rumored that Baltimore duo Beach House were gearing up to release a new album called ‘Bloom.’ The news came with a release date (May 15) and a supposed track list. While Sub Pop refused to confirm any of that information, we are now being treated with a new song, straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

On Tuesday night, Beach House posted the song ‘Myth’ to their official website. The song was the first on the reported track list and bodes well for their upcoming album. Complete with circular guitar figures, smoky vocals and rising swells of haze, the song hypnotizes like only Beach House can.

The band has steadily been adding in more and more fidelity to their recordings, and it has been paying off. ‘Myth’ plays like the more grownup cousin of ‘Teen Dream’ opener ‘Zebra.’ Check it out below.