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Broken Social Scene Plan Indefinite Hiatus

After 12 years, four albums, and a revolving door of close to 20 musicians, Canadian indie rock collective Broken Social Scene might be calling it quits for good. The alternative supergroup has decided to go on “indefinite hiatus,” according to our colleagues at the Huffington Post.

Speaking to Huffington Post backstage at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, lead singer Kevin Drew explained, “There’s no bad blood, no problems, everyone is at peace. We’ve had a lot of inter-relationships, some have worked, some haven’t. But we all loved what we were doing. And I think we were always fair.” The festival was to be one of the band’s last North American shows before embarking on indefinite hiatus, that purgatorial term which has doomed many a rock group.

As one might imagine, trying to schedule band practice with close to 20 musicians is not an easy task. “It’s like wrangling cats,” Drew says. Not dogs. “Dogs would actually listen.”

Due to the fungible nature of the project, and their several attempts to disband, a full and complete ending to BSS seems hard to believe. Their most recent album, ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’ was completed after an “extended hiatus” during which many of the group’s multiple members embarked upon projects like Stars, Metric, Do Make Say Think, Land of Talk and many others. Drew and Brendan Canning, another founding member, have both released solo albums of their own. Most visible of these acts might be Leslie Feist, whose breakout single “1234” launched her to international fame, and sold a whole bunch of iPods.

“I don’t want to dilute what we’ve done,” Drew said. “But I’d like to find other ways of telling the story of our band.” Here’s to hoping he does just that, or just makes another Broken Social Scene album.