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Kings of Leon Deny They’re Kicking Caleb Followill Out of the Band

Never fear, Kings of Leon are still here. Despite rumors proliferated by Star Magazine (according to NME), the Southern rock outfit has not sacked lead singer Caleb Followill. Despite the frontman’s continued vocal rest and Jared’s confession that the band suffered from “internal sicknesses and problems,” the Kings are still very much alive.

This is the latest in the long and troubled story of the Followills continues, which includes but isn’t limited to: pigeon poop, vomiting, dehydration and, lately, claims of alcoholism.

However, drummer Nathan Followil debunked the rumors of a breakup when he took to Twitter earlier Thursday, writing, “BREAKING NEWS: Kings Of Leon has kicked Caleb out and Jared and Matt will be taking over lead vocals. Where do people come up with this s—? Hilarious.”

Well, there you have it. Yes, Kings of Leon are still a band. They just aren’t a band that you’ll see live anytime soon.