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Foo Fighters Debut ‘Hot Buns’ Video Featuring Soapy Group Shower Scene

Anyone who’s ever fancied Dave Grohl for more than his killer guitar riffs will want to watch the newest video from Foo Fighters on repeat. In ‘Hot Buns,’ the guys are doing far racier things then popping Mentos. A steamy group shower scene — at a truck stop, no less — complete with soapy butt shots may take the crown when it comes to the band’s farce-of-a-video style.

‘Hot Buns’ isn’t some just-revealed secret track on ‘Wasting Light,’ so stop scanning the album’s tracklisting. This video was done to promote the Foo Fighters’ tour this fall — though after watching the guys in the buff, you’ll be more focused on matching the bouncy bums to the various Foo Fighter faces — or getting the image out of your head — than buying concert tickets.

Watch the video here, oh, and with all these ass shots, you may want to save this one until you’ve left the office.