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Best Coast and Drew Barrymore Hold Graffiti-Gang Wars for ‘Our Deal’ Video

The indie darlings of Best Coast have just dropped their newest video for ‘Our Deal,’ directed by actress-turned-director Drew Barrymore. The cinematic tale of star-crossed, spraypaint-wielding youngsters was shot in the culvert of the Los Angeles River, the location of the famous drag race in the 1978 classic ‘Grease.’

It’s a little bit ‘Grease,’ a little bit ‘West Side Story,’ just a tad ‘Style Wars’ and all-out fun. Barrymore used her star powers to summon Hollywood heavyweights Chloe Moretz from ‘Kick-Ass,’ Miranda Cosgrove from ‘iCarly,’ Alia Shawkat from ‘Arrested Development’ (and Barrymore’s ‘Whip It’) and Tyler Posey from ‘Teen Wolf.’

See as the “Day Trotters” take on the “Night Crawlers” and young people with pretty scowls and non-threatening hair battle each other in a half-fight, half-dance confrontational hybrid — or, as Barrymore calls it, “a rumble,” because “You gotta have a rumble, because rumbles are fun and cool.”

Check out ‘Our Deal’ and see why healthy communication is essential to a successful relationship, even in the clarity of graffiti tags on a wall.