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Reggie Watts and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy Are Maybe Working on Music Together

Last night, at a party for an exhibition of pieces from the Playboy archives, Vulture found out what James Murphy is getting up to now that LCD Soundsystem is kaput: producing music with Reggie Watts. “James and I might be doing a single sometime soon,” Watts, the anarchic, musically inclined stand-up comedian, explained. “It’s still 60 percent loose, but he seems down to do it and I think it would be fun to work with him. That would be great.” Yes it would! And when might this collaboration come to light?

“I think it’s going to be a seven-inch single with a remix on the other side. I would be the vocals and we would probably be doing some kind of a cover. I’m going to guess sometime next year, early next year, or maybe — he’s a fast dude! Maybe he’ll turn one around.” Great work. Yes, please. Also, since the subject of Playboy has already been broached, here’s a bit of Reggie Watts’s personal history: “My dad had a subscription in the mail and I used to sneak ’em. In the beginning it used to come — when my dad got it in the late seventies, early eighties — it was a brown paper package, which made it easier for me to break into before he read it. But then they switched to the plastic. And then I even remember it going from staples to whatever this is called. The spine! Anyways. I was a die-hard Playboy fan. As a little boy, my parents never knew I read ’em. My dad had stacks and stacks — and still does — of Playboys in the basement, so when I go back home sometimes I’m like, I remember that one. I remember all the centerfolds.”