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Radiohead Planning Full-Scale ‘King of Limbs’ Tour?

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway has confirmed that the band are discussing plans for a full tour in support of their album ‘The King of Limbs.’

Since the album release in February, the Oxford group have played only one stage performance at Glastonbury festival and one televised ‘From the Basement’ session with producer Nigel Godrich.

“It seemed to be an appropriate was of airing that material for the first time,” Selway told BBC 6 Music. “It felt an exciting thing to do, to just go out [at Glastonbury] and jump in at the deep end.”

When asked if they come of stage wishing they should do more live performances, Selway said, “Absolutely, and that’s what we’re talking about at the moment. It felt exciting doing that. It felt as though we had something different to offer again musically on top of what we’ve done in the past, and it just felt like a new lease of life in what we were doing. So yes, we’d like to see where that takes us.”

In the interim, Radiohead have been releasing ‘The King of Limbs’ remixes from electronic artists including Caribou and Jaques Greene. The series was originally going to appear across four vinyl records, but At Ease report that the band have decided to increase this to six or seven, with all tracks being collected on one CD in September.

But of course, poor Selway’s solo record is being swept under the carpet by Radiohead updates. So don’t forget to listen to his new ‘Running Blind’ EP which was released on Monday, July 25.