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Wilco announce release date for new CD, ‘The Whole Love’

Wilco will release their new CD, The Whole Love, on September 27. The album will feature a dozen new songs, including the recently released single “I Might,” which you can check out below, and the twelve-minute “One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend).”
The Whole Love is Wilco’s eighth studio album and the first to be released on the band’s dBpm Records label. Jeff Tweedy and crew have also announced a string of dates, which kicks off at the Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN., on September 13. Legendary singer-songwriter and silver fox Nick Lowe will be the support at all the shows.
Personally, I thought Wilco’s last CD, 2009′s Wilco (The Album), didn’t quite match the sublime, exploratory heights as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or A Ghost Is Born, although I’m well aware there are fans who hold the contrary view.