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Stephen Malkmus Releases ‘Senator’ in Time for Latest Political Scandal

ndie god of apathy Stephen Malkmus’ next album with his band the Jicks is shaping up to be a Pavement-esque tour de rock. The Beck-produced ‘Mirror Traffic’ is set for an Aug. 23 release via Matador, but you can get a little taste of what’s in store for the dog days of summer below, thanks to the Matablog.

In light of the big political sex scandal of the week, there really is no better time to release ‘Senator,’ a true Malkmus rocker with the chorus “I know what the Senator wants is a [slang term for fellatio that you should be able to guess].” If Malkmus had the foresight to record versions for both houses of Congress, this could have been a great addition to all the Anthony Weiner stories out there.

Mirror Traffic’ is Malkmus’ first album with the Jicks since 2008’s ‘Real Emotional Trash’ and will be the band’s last record featuring drummer Janet Weiss, who has recently lent her talents to supergroup Wild Flag. Get your Jicks fix by heading over to the Matablog to download ‘Senator’ for free.