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Jane’s Addiction Headline ‘Google-Palooza’ in SF- Video

Capping off a day filled with dork-outs, nerdy conversations and postcards from the edge of technology, Jane’s Addiction took to the stage at the Google I/O Developer’s Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday night like a mathematician might take to Burning Man. That is to say, it was an odd combination, but not an uncomfortable one. In fact, Jane’s Addiction rocked. And the crowd, which wasn’t used to rocking, per-se, eventually caught on. At one point, there was even a small mosh pit — albeit a timid one, as some of those partaking held fragile tablet computers in their hands…a new model, given to registrants, that hasn’t even been released to the public yet.

“Welcome to Google-palooza,” joked singer Perry Farrell. Of course, most people in the audience weren’t actually affiliated with Google; they just hoped to be. But no matter — Farrell sprinkled the eight song set with talk of the corporation that hosted the 5,000-person event.

“I’ve got a great idea,” he said, at one point. “Well, they had the Mormons. Why not the Google-ites? We can kinda attach ourselves to religion, or think of something, and somebody can find something online that says we’re the prophets! Think about it. Think about the money.” Few people in the room full of developers, programmers and tech-geeks actually thought about it, or had any idea what he was talking about.

But it was really all good — the universal language of rock ‘n’ roll took over and the music proved a worthy translator. Jane’s Addiction delivered their show-stoppers, including ‘Been Caught Steeling,’ ‘Jane Says,’ and ‘Mountain Song,’ with the same grandiosity they do at large amphitheaters and festivals around the world. Their new song, ‘End to the Lies,’ even fit right in with the old ones and their new touring bassist, Chris Chaney, fit right in with the band.

Thus, they carried the same message that was prevalent throughout the entire conference — the future has arrived. And it’s fun.