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TV on the Radio Makes a Film

D.I.Y. culture is hard to shake, or at least it is for TV on the Radio, the critically-beloved Brooklyn art rock band. As a companion to its fourth studio album, “Nine Types of Light” (out Tuesday from Interscope), the group created a feature-length movie, built from videos for each of the album’s tracks. “We as a band always have so many ideas for things that aren’t just musical,” Tunde Adebimpe, one of the band’s vocalists, said in an interview. “And for less than the price of a Maroon 5 video, you can make a full-length feature.”

TV on the Radio has made ambitious rock with shades of post-punk, electronica and psychedelic jazz. The group’s latest album, “Nine Types of Light”, is out Tuesday.
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The movie — also called “Nine Types of Light,” with a screening Monday at the Sunshine Theater in Manhattan –- will be available as part of a deluxe CD set. “The things that we have been asked to do to add value to something that we feel is pretty valuable already, it’s weird after a while, “ Mr. Adebimpe said, “where you’re kind of like, I don’t want that person to do a remix, I don’t have it in me to make another song.” Making the movie was a way to help promote the record that the bandmates found palatable; they asked friends to collaborate on the movie. Now they hope fans will watch the album, not just listen to it.

A few days before the record was due to be released, the group was still finishing the film in a shared editing space in Brooklyn. In the video below, which includes yet to be released footage from the movie, the members of TV on the Radio discuss the process behind the film, how it squares with their indie ethos and why people should make out while watching it. (via NYTIMES)