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LCD Soundsystem’s last show in all its glory. Arcade Fire guesting! (Video)

“The crowd was fervent; many in it came dressed in black and white, as the band had requested. All were prepared to sing until there was nothing left to sing. That meant the band’s early singles, deep cuts from its three albums, covers of Alan Vega and Harry Nilsson, and more in a show that lasted over three hours, with a couple of breaks.

It was, depending on how you looked at it, a relentless dance party, a concert for completists, or a test. Turns out there’s something dutiful and academic about using the bully pulpit of a final show to play huge and sometimes unpopular chunks of a band’s catalog, including at least one lumpy number that Mr. Murphy said the band was giving its premiere live — and, of course, dispensing with. And there was an unforgivable lull during the show’s second portion, when LCD played “45:33” — that’s how long it is, though it felt longer — which was released as a workout mix for Nike but inspired no jogging here…

“I know it’s a long show, but thank you for putting up with us,” Mr. Murphy said before the encore, just at the point that the concert’s length was beginning to feel like a manifestation of ego…”

Video is dead but you can download an AVI (1.68 gigs) of the entire show from Mediafire. Download by Clicking Here