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Video: Yuck: “Get Away” (Music Video)

A few facts gleamed from this new video for “Get Away”, a track from Yuck’s well-received self-titled debut:

1) Frontman Daniel Blumberg looks like Bob Dylan circa 1962.

2) The band is touring in a small white van, not a party bus or a Led Zeppelin jet, because they’re probably still broke.

3) Yuck are avid readers of Cat Fancy magazine.

4) Drummer Jonny Rogroff has one of the best afros I’ve ever seen, and can drink hard liquor like a champion.

5) The band only pulls over for red heads.

As for the track, it’s what Yuck do best: Nineties college rock guitar riffs, J Mascis licks, and fantastic melodic hooks. Stick around for the song’s bridge for one of Yuck’s most exhilarating moments, and wait for the video’s last fifteen seconds to see why it’s NSFW.

Yuck is available now via Fat Possum.