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Surfer Blood ditching lo-fi style for second album

Surfer Blood’s JP Pitts has said the band are looking to move away from their lo-fi roots on the follow-up to debut album ‘Astro Coast’.

Pitts reckons that the band’s recent distribution deal with major label Warner Bros will help them to realise their true sound.

“We never intended to be lo-fi anyway,” Pitts explained. “Our songs are all quite big songs, it’s just that they were recorded on shitty equipment, in my apartment. They were lo-fi by accident.”

Pitts added of the band’s new material that “the main difference next time around will be that I won’t be recording the entire thing in my apartment”.

The band haven’t started recording their new album yet, so it isn’t expected to be released until late 2011, following an EP of new material they are working on.