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Interpol’s Paul Banks calls Carlos D an ‘a-hole’

Interpol frontman Paul Banks has layed into ex-member Carlos Dengler, calling him an “a-hole”… but also a “genius”.

Bassist Dengler left Interpol in May 2010, in what the band described as an amicable decision, and was replaced in the band’s live line-up by former Zwan and Slint bassist David Pajo.

Speaking to Australian radio station, Banks answered a question about how he’d dealt with Dengler’s departure by saying: “I’m the kind of person where, if I think someone is a genius, I’ll put up with tons of crap from them.”

He added: “If you’re in the presence of someone who you think is a genius then you think, ‘I’d rather deal with them being an a-hole than not.’ It’s a more rare treat, a more rare treasure, their ability. Carlos is that.”

Banks also said the band had made no firm decisions about whether Pajo will join the band permanently. Secret Machines’ Brandon Curtis has also joined Interpol’s live line-up.