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File under really bad idea: John Lydon hints at new Sex Pistols material

John Lydon has suggested the Sex Pistols may reunite again, and also said he is up for writing new material with the band.

The punk pioneers have reunited on five separate occasions for tours since originally splitting in 1978, with their most recent gigs taking place in 2008.

Speaking to Stereogum, Lydon said that the success of his recent gigs with Public Image Limited had led to him considering regrouping the Sex Pistols once more.

“For me, there wouldn’t be a PiL if it weren’t for them lads in the Pistols, so I feel responsive to their needs,” he explained. “If they want me to go out on tour with them I’m happy to oblige… until three weeks later when I’m not. That’s how it is.”

Lydon added that he’s also considering writing new material with the Sex Pistols, whose previous reunions have seen them only play their old songs and covers.

“Because I’ve been able to get PiL back together – and because I’ve really been in a songwriting mode – can now look back on the Pistols and imagine writing with them too,” he said.

He also confirmed that he is still planning to resume work on a new Public Image Limited album once he has “come to grips” with the loss of his step-daughter, The Slits’ Ari Up, who died of cancer last October.