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Eight Track Museum Opening in Dallas

Even with the past few years bringing about recent revivals for vinyl records and tape cassettes, eight-track cartridges have not had the fortunate experience of coming back as quickly. But regardless of where they stand today, “formatician” Bucks Burnett seems determined to give the obsolete format its proper place in history through launching The Eight Track Museum in Dallas, Texas. The museum, which opens on Feb. 16 to the general public, will also feature other audio formats in an attempt to preserve antiquated media.

Apparently, the Eight Track Museum opening is a big enough deal to attract Former Talking Heads members Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz—both of whom have recently released their Tom Tom Club album Genius of Live on eight-track. “We feel inspired and astonished that in our thirtieth year, Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Live will be available through a technology platform that is clearly on the rebound from obscurity to its rightful place as the transcendent format of the 21st century” the couple commented.

The Eight Track Museum’s first exhibition will be called “Conceived In Cars / Birth Of The Eight Track 1965” and will provide an in-depth look at the mobility that 8 tracks provided music listeners in the format’s early years. The exhibit will feature cartridges from all the Beatles albums released as 8-tracks, along with various artwork and rarities pertaining to the format.