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The Who Create Animated Video for ‘Tattoo’ From ‘Live at Leeds’

Interesting note for fans of the Who’s classic ‘Live at Leeds’ album, originally released in 1970 — despite getting tremendous accolades such as the New York Times calling it “the best live rock album ever made,” the band actually preferred their show from the following night, at Hull, on Feb. 15, 1970.

“Hull was a better gig than Leeds,” singer Roger Daltrey recently said in a statement. “I remember it like it was yesterday, although in retrospect, ‘Live at Hull’ doesn’t really trip off the tongue.”

True. But it wasn’t phonetics that led the band to release the show from Leeds — it was circumstance. Upon listening to the live recordings, they discovered that the Hull recording was compromised. The first tape reel, containing the first four tracks, had no bass. It wasn’t until recently that an associate discovered that the rest of the show was, miraculously, intact. With modern technology, the band was able to “doctor in” the bass for the damaged tracks by lifting the lines from Leeds.

The remastered recordings finally saw the light of day last month when a new ‘Live at Leeds — 40th Anniversary Super-Deluxe Collector’s Edition’ box set was released, featuring complete back-to-back performances of ‘Tommy’ in its entirety — from both Leeds and Hull — along with the rest of those consecutive shows. To celebrate this new release, the Who created a new animated video for their live version of ‘Tattoo.’ So get your windmills ready and watch it below.