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Pete Doherty considering recruiting Carl Barat for Babyshambles

Pete Doherty has said he is considering getting his Libertines bandmate Carl Barat to help finish new material written with Babyshambles.

The frontman told Vogue Italia he is struggling to finish some new songs penned with Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall, and could call on Barat to step in.

“There’s a couple of songs at the moment that have been stuck on the treadmill for a while that I need to get finished,” he said. “Two or three songs that are really strong that I’ve been writing with Mik.”

He added: “I just feel that when they’re finished it will be a new chapter. But they’re really struggling to get out at the moment. I might even have to show them to Carl, because in the old days that’s what we’d do. If I had a great idea I’d share it with Carl and inevitably something great would happen.”

Although The Libertines haven’t played together since their Reading And Leeds Festivals shows in August, Barat recently said he thinks they will regroup again in the future.