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Watch: Arcade Fire on “Saturday Night Live”

The Arcade Fire hit “Saturday Night Live” to play The Suburbs highlights “We Used to Wait” and “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”. They also took the piss out of themselves by performing a “world saving” synth-pop ode to dancing in a digital short. Win Butler did not break a guitar this time, but he did get super close to the camera and, in the skit, he sang the line “rip your shirt wide open and dance,” after which he ripped his shirt wide open. He didn’t really dance though. But his wife Régine Chassagne did during “Sprawl II”. Watch it all happen below, via the tireless Audio Perv:

And, according to ?uestlove’s Twitter, the band played a post-show concert. Generous!

“We Used to Wait”“Sprawl II”Digital Short:
(via pfmedia)