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LCD Soundsystem Prep Live-in-Studio Album.. New video too!

LCD Soundsystem could’ve spent the week after they played the Glastonbury Festival kicking their feet up and high-fiving each other. Instead, they holed up in a London studio to record the live-in-studio LP The London Sessions, which gets a digital release November 9– next Tuesday– via DFA/Virgin. It’ll be exclusively available through iTunes until December 6.

Anyone who’s caught the LCD live show this summer knows that the band is an absolutely ferocious beast onstage. And even though they basically make electronic dance music, LCD refuse to replicate any of their sounds with computers; you won’t see a laptop onstage with them. Instead, they bash things out the hard way. Hopefully some of that sweat will be audible in The London Sessions, recorded in the tradition of the BBC’s old John Peel Sessions.

The album’s tracklist, which you can see below, draws from every era of LCD’s existence. Frontman James Murphy mixed the album in New York, and Bob Weston mastered it in Chicago..

Meanwhile, LCD’s cover of Paperclip People’s “Throw”, a longtime live staple released digitally as a bonus track for This Is Happening, was released on vinyl for the first time this week by Carl Craig’s Planet E label. (Craig was the man behind Paperclip People.)

The London Sessions:

01 Us V Them
02 All I Want
03 Drunk Girls
04 Get Innocuous
05 Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
06 All My Friends
07 Pow Pow
08 I Can Change
09 Yr City’s a Sucker
(via pfmedia)

Oh, they have a new video too.. For the song “Pow Pow”.. Enjoy.

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