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Johnny Rotten Unveils Ridiculously Expensive Book

Ah, that’s more like the filthy lucre-worshipping Johnny Rotten we know: Dude’s selling a limited-edition scrapbook of his old photos for about $600 a copy.

The rocker unveiled plans to sell 750 hand-autographed copies of Mr. Rotten’s Scrapbook, which is made up of old, private photographs and a reproduction of a hand scrawled text to go with it. A limited-edition 12-inch picture disc of live recordings from the recent Public Image Ltd. reunion, too. All for a price that’s only $101 more than a brand-new iPad.

So, rich kids, fetishize Rotten’s past by spending a lot of money on memorabilia. Because, you know, Rotten’s been really tolerant of that idea in the past. Check out the video for a glimpse of his condemnation of that practice from his almost immediately canceled Rotten Television program.