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Jesus and Mary Chain Mull ‘Psychocandy’ 25th Birthday Show

Jesus and Mary Chain are considering playing their debut album ‘Psychocandy’ in full to celebrate the record’s 25th anniversary.

The LP — widely regarded by music critics as one of the most influential ever — was released in November 1985 and frontman Jim Reid said they “wouldn’t rule out” performing it live again.

Talking to music blog the Von Pip Musical Express, Reid said, “As far as [playing] ‘Psychocandy’ is concerned, I wouldn’t rule it out. But the truth of the matter is, it’s a very hard record to play live.”

The singer added, “Christ only knows how we managed to do it all those years ago, but we probably didn’t! We were probably just so drunk that we thought we did.”

Reid also admitted that the band wanted to re-do aspects of the album almost as soon as they’d completed it.

He said, “We wanted to make changes to ‘Psychocandy’ within a matter of days after completion. It’s like that with any record you make, it can never be perfect, you always want to keep changing things and tinkering with it.

“You just have to kind of draw the line somewhere because this doesn’t really make it better — it just makes it different from what it would have been”.

He added, “Looking back on ‘Psychocandy’ now it’s a bit like looking at an old photograph of ourselves or something, it crystallizes exactly what we were about at that point in time, but of course we change, but the record doesn’t”.

The band has just released a new ‘greatest hits’ compilation, ‘Upside Down: The Best Of.’

It coincides with a new documentary about JAMC’s legendary record label Creation, which premieres later this month at the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival, with founder Alan McGee’s blessing.