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Josh Homme: ‘I considered breaking up Queens after Nick Oliveri left’

Josh Homme has admitted he considered breaking up Queens Of The Stone Age after firing bandmate Nick Oliveri.

The bassist left the band in 2004, having been a founder member, after falling out with the lead singer over his attitude towards the band.

“[It] always made me nervous that it would get to the spot where the personalities would overcome the music because I don’t need a better table at a restaurant, I just want people to respect our music,” Homme told Zane Lowe in a video interview.

“I’m playing for respect and I think Nick got a little confused about the real expectation was. It wasn’t about partying. I would never ask someone to stop partying, you do whatever you want as long as you do a good job at your job because you have deserve the party.”

He added: “The rules were always there: don’t break the golden rule which is someone says they like your music so much, you’re not amazing, it’s not you, they don’t know you, it’s not that way, so don’t believe that. I don’t believe that about myself.”

Homme admitted he considered calling time on Queens Of The Stone Age after ‘Songs For The Deaf’, but found a new determination to carry on.

“I thought about [giving up] a lot. I wanted to respect what was there, but you come to a spot where you say, ‘Should some mistake really be the end of us all? Someone else’s mistake. Is that fair?’ In the split [with Nick] I found my reason to continue, to make it about the music.”

Homme added that the band will now begin work on their sixth studio album, but he was not in a rush.

“It feels like a brand new band, it feels like we can do anything,” he explained. “So we’re going to do it go to the middle of no where not record at all and just be a band for a while.”

Also, with his 2000 album ‘Rated R’ currently the centre of a 10th anniversary reissue, Homme explained the band had been surprised by its initial critical success.

“[When ‘Rated R’ came out] We didn’t realise anyone was paying attention yet. When that record one Record Of The Year in NME we were in Australia, we were like, ‘What’s NME?’ ’cause we didn’t know. We’re from America we didn’t know what NME was,” he said. “I’m not being dickish we just wanted to get back to the party, we wanted to play, we wanted to have sex with people. What magazine it was wasn’t the most important thing!”