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Interpol- Interpol (Album Review)

Gloomy post-punk pop band Interpol didn’t fare too well with their move to Capitol Records for their last album, Our Love To Admire, which many saw as a disappointment. In an effort to recapture past glories, they’re back with their original label, Matador, and describe this new offering as a return to their roots.

On the surface, it does sound more like their earlier days, but there’s something missing. It might just be that time has passed, yet Interpol are still writing variations on the same plodding song. To put it mildly, they’re not exactly eclectic in mood, sound or even tempo.

The best moments come when they shy away from their trademark wall-of-reverb blueprint and flirt with vintage glam and art rock flavours. It’s a better album than their last, and diehard fans should be satisfied, but it’s not going to get the rest of us very excited.