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Download Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Multitrack and Remix the Album Yourself

As Phoenix wind down the touring cycle behind their masterful 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, they’re offering fans free downloads of the multitrack recordings– i.e., each song broken down into individual files for bass, drums, vocals, guitars, etc.– for the entire album. They wrote on their site: “We want to thank you with a few presents before our last shows in the U.S. for a while. (You never know how long we’ll take to record the next album.)”

Of course, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is probably one of the most remixed albums of all time (there’s even an official collection of redos), but maybe you can finally unlock some hidden secrets behind “Lisztomania”. Or just make a chillwave remix. Either one.

Download the multitrack files here.
(via pfmedia)