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Wyclef Jean to Announce Haitian Presidential Bid This Week

Wyclef Jean has been rallying to rebuild Haiti since the massive earthquake that hit in January, but it looks like he may be taking his efforts a little bit further. The Haitian-American artist and producer will announce his candidacy for president of Haiti this week, former head of Haiti’s Chamber of Deputies Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques told the Associated Press.

According to Jean-Jacques, the former Fugees member will be a part of a new coalition called Ansanm Nou Fo, which means “together we are strong” in Creole. However, Jean-Jacques did not elaborate on what exactly Jean’s role in the coalition. Meanwhile, Jean’s spokesperson Cindy Tanenbaum declined to confirm anything but said Jean would be making an announcement in Haiti on Thursday night.

This isn’t the first time anyone’s heard about Jean’s intent to run for president of the country, as he’s been careful not to rule out the idea. However, if Jean actually does decide to run, the country still needs to make sure he qualifies. The Haitian-born and Brooklyn-raised singer needs to “prove he has resided in Haiti for five consecutive years, own property in the country and have no other citizenship but Haitian.”

Jean, who would be competing against his uncle who’s a Haitian ambassador in Washington, D.C., will also need to confirm his candidacy and register by Aug. 7. Stay tuned to see how this story unfolds.