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Ronnie Wood Wants to Publish Teenage Diary

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has stumbled across a diary he kept as a young man in the 60s — and he wants to publish it.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the diary covers a period when Wood was 18 years old and playing in London R&B band the Birds, the group that initially launched him before his time in the Faces and eventually the Rolling Stones

Wood said, “I’d been rifling through some old stuff I had in the house and I found this diary that I kept in 1965. There were still installments all the way up to December – I don’t know how I kept it going all the way through the year.”

The 63-year-old added, “Some of it is just astonishing – I reckon I could publish the thing as it is. It’s my personal diary so it is very honest.”

With Keith Richards soon to publish what promises to be a fascinating autobiography in ‘Life,’ Wood believes his diaries might rival his bandmate’s tome.

“Keith’s book will do well, I’m sure,” said Wood. “I mean, he is a very eloquent man. But my diary is interesting too though.”